Kitty Hawk, North Carolina

Northern Outer Banks Resort Beaches

Take an early morning walk on our wide sandy beaches. Enjoy shelling, sailing, swimming, fishing, surfing, sea-kayaking, and biking. Or go soundside and take in the natural beauty of Kitty Hawk Bay....

Once a remote area, Kitty Hawk has grown into a summer resort area and provides some of the best beach recreation on the North Carolina Coast.

When Orville Wright stepped ashore in Kitty Hawk Village in the fall of 1900, he probably already knew that he and his brother were destined to make history as discoverers of flight. After all, they had chosen this remote fishing village on the Outer Banks partly for privacy from prying eyes.
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Three years later, they would indeed break the bonds of earth for the first time in their heavier than air flying machine. From that moment forward, Kitty Hawk would forever be associated with the Wright Brothers as the birthplace of aviation -although the actual flight took place four miles south from the base of Kill Devil Hill.

Today, the once-tiny soundside village is one of the largest townships on the Outer Banks. On the oceanside, thousands of rental homes, restaurants and shops are part of the development that has characterized the northern Outer Banks from Nags Head to Corolla.

But along the Albemarle Sound, the village remains a treat for those who to choose to take a drive off the beaten path. Shaded lanes wind along the marshes. Quaint clapboard cottages and fishing boats line a series of canals that lead to the open waters of the Sound. And life takes on a more leisurely pace that is reminiscent of the way Outer Bankers used to live.


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Kitty Hawk, North Carolina

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Kitty Hawk, North Carolina

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